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iOS Review | Super Dragon


Physics-based puzzles are all the rage on iOS and Fifth Wonder has developed a new addition to the genre with Super Dragon for the iPhone and iPad.

The game puts players in the scales of Smokey, a famous dragon that has celebrity status in the world of entertainment until the tabloids reveal that ol’ Smokey has no teeth.  Shamed, Smokey must now recuperate his chompers in order to regain some measure of decency and it’s up to you to get them back.

SuperDragonShot2 SuperDragonShot3

In doing so, you’ll come across 60 levels across 3 stages, in which you’ll not only have to cause destruction in order to bring your chompers back into your mouth, but also avoid getting hit in the face.  Each level is packed with obstacles and debris, while your teeth are perched somewhere near the top.  As you use a limited amount of fireballs, you’ll destroy these obstacles, as your teeth come falling down, but if you take enough punishment, you’ll lose.  You can also lose if your teeth fall down but don’t land in your mouth.  The puzzles aren’t too bad at the start, bu they get painfully (pun intended) tougher as you progress.  Fortunately you’re able to pick up (or purchase in-game) “hats” which range from helmets to a simple umbrella to help you survive falling objects as well as weather conditions.  You’ll come across rain and thunder, which not only affect you, but also alter your fireballs.  You might get hit with lightning, or if your fireball runs into some rain, it’ll fizzle out.

While the game is quite entertaining, there are some very frustrating moments, such as not being able to avoid falling objects without the use of a helmet.  Many times I found myself with almost no way out unless I went back to a previous level to unlock a helmet, which I could then use on a later level.  In fact, as you pick some up, you’ll want to keep them stored until it’s absolutely necessary.  You can of course go into the game’s storefront to buy some of these helmets, but I prefer not having to spend more money than I have to.  That being said, it pays off to be strategic and there’s a certain comedic element to the game that keeps you coming back for more.  If I had it my way, I’d eliminate the need for hats altogether (along with getting hurt from falling stuff) and just go with the need to make the teeth fall right on top of you.

Surprisingly, I really dug the game’s music and sound effects which made me chuckle on more than one occasion, and it’s a game that really isn’t as entertaining without the sound turned on.  Seriously, playing it on mute eliminates a good portion of it’s personality.  While there are a host of physics-based titles in the App Store, obviously dominated by birds and pigs, Super Dragon is a cool alternative that only sets you back $0.99 and switches up the mechanics to give you something fresh.


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