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access_time December 19, 2012 at 1:47 PM in News by Adam Larck

The War Z Gets Pulled from Steam

It’s been a crazy few days for The War Z on Steam.

The zombie survival MMO has had claims from gamers stating its Steam description page was full of lies, posters were being banned from forums and now Steam has taken the game off of its service, according to Kotaku.

The controversy started yesterday when gamers started pointing out that The War Z actually didn’t match many points the Steam description of the game said it should, causing developer Hammerpoint Interactive to change the description. Removed from the description was any mention of player skills and giant map sizes, and private servers were now said to be coming “soon.”

Another area gamers complained about was the close similarity to Day Z. The problem? Day Z is a free mod for Arma II while War Z costs $15 and has added in microtransactions as well.

“As soon as we’ve announced game – we’ve received our share of hate from some of the DayZ fans accusing us of just ripping off DayZ concept to make a quick money,” Hammerpoint boss Sergey Titov wrote to Kotaku. “While over time, especially after game have been launched publicly players been able to see that those two designs are pretty different, there’re still DayZ fanboys out there who just can’t accept fact that similar concept doesn’t mean being copycat… Interesting fact – only around 30% of our player base we have right now actually played DayZ. And 15% of our players never heard of DayZ before they started playing The War Z. This confirms that we’ve been able to attract new players to the survival/zombie war genre of the game.”

Meanwhile, another war is being waged on the Steam forums on the game. A moderator called Kewk has a strict set of rules, including no discussion of hackers at all and not even posting about why you quit the game. While some have gotten banned due to this moderator, others have found ways around it, such as typing hidden messages within messages.

Valve is currently looking into the claims of forum banning, and has asked users to post in the thread linked if they have examples to share.

The whole story is very odd, but I doubt we’ve heard the last from War Z and Titov.


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