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access_time December 17, 2012 at 9:41 PM in Sony by Ramon Aranda

New Audio Modes Being Added to Sony’s Pulse Elite Headset

Sony is set to release a new app tomorrow which will add new audio modes to their Pulse – Elite Edition wireless headphones.

The headphones currently have six distinct audio modes, namely Gamer, Shooter, Racing, Fighting, Music and Movie.  Upon the app’s release, there will be five additional modes which include:

  • Football (Game):
    BassImpact lets you feel the crunch of bone-crushing tackles or jolts behind every kick of the football
  • Horror (Movie):
    Deep bass sounds are enhanced to heighten the eerie atmosphere while the high shrill of screams are boosted to make you jump out of your seat.
  • Action (Movie):
    The low and high sounds of explosions and gunfire are magnified delivering a bigger and more intense audio experience.
  • Techno (Music):
    The lows of bass beats and highs of synthesizers are amplified enhancing the audio experience.
  • Hip Hop (Music):
    Hear the kick of low bass combined with crisp sounds of vocals.

The app can be downloaded on Dec. 18 from the PS3 section of the PS Store.


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