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Review | Battlefield 3: Aftermath

DICE has been doing a nice job of adding a different hook to each of the DLC packs for Battlefield 3; each having a particular theme.

After their most recent DLC, Armored Kill, which was pretty awesome due to the large maps and healthy dose of tanks, DICE has now pumped out Aftermath – a collection of four different maps that are the result of a massive quake in Tehran, Iran.  Each of these maps features shattered and broken down streets, which includes Epicentre, the main map of the entire pack, which as you probably already guessed by its namesake, is ground zero.

In this particular map, you’ll find plazas, courtyards, a ton of routes and a highway in the middle of it all.  You’ll also find Azadi Palace, which is the larger of the maps and features open streets, a destroyed palace and courtyard.  This particular map is a blast to play and was easily my favorite.

For those that like something a little more enclosed, there is Talah Market which is smaller and will encompass a lot of close quarter firefights.  The DLC includes a new weapon as well – the crossbow.  Talah Market is probably the coolest place to use it as you’ll be able to unload on enemies coming from every corner, which is just too much fun.  Of course if you end up spending more time in the larger maps, you can make good use of the two new vehicles – the Rhino and Barsuk.  These vehicles are civilian vans that have been modified to not only transport passengers but also shoot from the roof using the mounted gun.

The fourth map is Markaz Monolith which is OK but without question the weakest of the maps.  You’ll find a lot of slopes, pits and a shopping mall that appeared to be a nice addition, but didn’t really add that much to the experience, though it’s probably the area where most gamers will spend their time in within this map.

You’ll find the download to be nearly 2GB in size, which also patches a variety of things, including weapon balance. I would also venture to say that out of the DLC offerings, Aftermath may be the coolest to look at, particularly because of all the destruction that you’ll come across.

The other big addition to this DLC is the new Scavenger mode, which puts players in smaller modifications of the maps, which makes for faster-paced action that seems to combine elements from a few other modes.  You’ll basically spawn in with just a pistol and you’ll need to literally scavenge the map for better weapons while you try to capture points at the same time.

The weapons are laid out all over the place and are highlighted by blue arrows, which is nice for those who don’t want to get lost, but would have preferred if they weren’t so obvious.  I would’ve appreciated having to really look for weapons, as it would’ve felt like more of a payoff for taking the time to look around.

At the end of the day, Aftermath provides some fun thrills with a decent four-spot of maps, that are highlighted by Azadi Palace and Epicentre.  Scavenger mode is cool but hardly a must-have, but the DLC still gets a recommendation for BF fans.  For gamers with a Premium subscription, it’s already yours.


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