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8 GB of RAM in Next-Gen Consoles? Crytek CEO Kinda Implies It

by on December 13, 2012

RAM can be the single most-restrictive bottleneck of a computer’s processing power. Sure, you might have a great processor, awesome video card, tons of hard drive space, but if you’re lacking the Random Access Memory to actually utilize all of those resources, you’re pretty much out of luck. Low RAM has traditionally held consoles back from long-term development, but if the words of a Crytek CEO can be interpreted the right way, that problem might be a idea of the past.

CVG posted an article that interviewed Cevat Yerli, and he said “you can never have enough memory.” Pointing out that memory is the most underbalanced part of gaming consoles, he said, “”f they find ways to cheapen the cost to a degree they could triple or quadruple their memory. Just say, ‘Hey we’re going to have 32 gigs of memory’. That would be quite amazing because memory can do so many more techniques and tricks.”

So, since he talked about quadrupling the memory and cited the number 32, does this mean future consoles will have 8 GB of memory? The Wii U’s got 2 GB, 1 for game access and 1 for the OS, and I’ve still gotten some miserable loading times for Nintendoland and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition. Time will tell, but either way it looks like Bill Gates was wrong when he said 512K would be more than enough for anybody.

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