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access_time December 10, 2012 at 5:05 PM in Culture by Andrew Kent

GotGame Daily News Update: Brazillian Assassin’s Creed And More

(Sorry for the lack of audio people! I’ve got finals next week. I will do my best to get audio in the rest of this week!)

Welcome to the GotGame Daily News Update. Today is December 10th, 2012.


Assassin’s Creed goes Brazillian…not like that

The one Pokedex…to rule them all

and more.

But first a couple quick news bytes

Minecraft for the 360’s update 8 will include the End which has end stone, lots of endermen, and the Ender Dragon.

And Bioshock Infinite will not be heading to the Wii U.

Now to your regularly scheduled news cast.

Most of you know about the Pokedex app for the iOS in Japan. The one that has extensive information on Pokemon, like their type, abilities, even how to evlolve them, where you can find them, and much more. Before you continue griping about how Japan gets “all the good stuff”, here this. The Pokedex for iOS is now available in North America and Europe for a low low price of $1.99. Except that only gets you the Unova region pokemon. To get Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, and Hoenn region pokemon you’ll need to cough up $5.99 per region. Yikes! What does this app have coded into it? Gold flakes or something?

It seems the next Assassin’s Creed game may be going to Brazil. Bertrand Chaverot, CEO of Ubisoft Sao Paulo, said as much in a statement to Brazillian site TechTudo. The team of developers apparently have “several ideas” on what to do with a scenario in Brazil however they haven’t decided anything yet.

Last but not least, for the past week the Yogscast crew have been holding live streams to help donate money to Plan Bee and the Oxfam Emergency fund. To also help raise money, Nilesy of the Yogscast has put some art of his own on Ebay to be auctioned off. Titled The artwork speaks for itself, although the fact that it says “Very Good Art” on it is all the convincing you need to want to beat all of the other bidders! Currently the auction for the painting is at 106 pounds, or 247.23 US Dollars. Check out his artwork here: Nilesy Artwork Auction

That’s it for the GotGame Daily News update. Thanks for tuning in!


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