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access_time December 6, 2012 at 9:30 AM in Features by Brett Day

Wondering Why The Wii Mini is Devoid of Online Capabilities? Nintendo Explains

With the announcement of the Wii Mini came the weird news that the new console would not have any online capabilities, which is incredibly strange seeing that consoles today are practically built on this feature. Knowing that the gaming community would be expecting answers, Nintendo has stepped up to the plate to discuss why they have taken a step back with their redesigned Wii.

During an interview with Polygon, Matt Ryan, the Communications Director for Nintendo of Canada, was asked why Nintendo had taken this drastic step, Ryan responded by saying “We want the system to be as affordable as possible to everybody, and the widest audience possible. By taking out functionality, that allows us to keep the cost down.” 

While it is a strange decision for Nintendo to leave out all online functionality, it really will not be missed. Most of the games designed for the Wii did not have any online modes, and really the whole online experience with the Wii left a lot to be desired, especially when compared to the likes of the PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live.

Later in the interview, Ryan went on to say that Nintendo believes that not everyone needs to play online to have fun. “I mean, a lot of the Wii experiences, and there’s over 1,400 of them that are disc-based Wii games, don’t require online functionality for you to have fun. Now, when you played Wii, or you played some of those games on Wii U, there’s enhanced fun factor when you play them online. But this system isn’t designed for the player who’s looking to have an online experience. Wii Mini is designed for families, or a late adopter, or someone who maybe isn’t even a gamer yet, and maybe doesn’t realize they’ve got a gamer hiding inside of them.”

The new Wii Mini is a nice looking console, and it will be released on December 7th for just $99, which is the lowest price point of any hardware in Nintendo’s history, but if you want one you’re going to have to head north to Canada, or have someone who lives there to buy one for you, because the Wii Mini will be exclusive to that region.

Will you be buying a Wii Mini? Do you agree with Nintendo’s outlook in regards to online gaming? Let us know in the comment section below.


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