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Hitman: Absolution Patch Coming

by on December 4, 2012

In a bit of irony shortly after it’s release it was revealed that Hitman: Absolution has a bug that causes the game to crash during autosaving resulting in corrupted files and the loss of hours of gameplay time. You could say that the crash assassinated your game — you could say that, I wouldn’t say it, that’d be dumb. Anyways, Square Enix announced today that they aim to patch the game for the console (Xbox 360 and PS3) version of the game sometime next week.  The hold up on the release date for the patch appears to be the internal testing by Microsoft and Sony to ensure that the patch works, at least this is according to Square Enix community and social head Phil Elliot who posted that on a message board. So, if you’re thinking of picking up Hitman: Absolution (and I am) you might want to wait another week or 10 days (and I will). 

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