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Preview | The War Z

Set in the near future, The War Z throws you into a world where food and water are in short supply, guns are in even shorter supply, and friends are nonexistent.

The War Z is an MMO zombie survival game, and although it’s still in alpha, it is addictive.   Despite what the game genre implies, surviving the zombies is pretty easy as long as you have a weapon…surviving the other players is a whole different story.

When you’re killed on War Z, everything you’re carrying drops to the ground. This is a strong incentive for bandits (PvPers) who are out for your loot.  This was particularly frustrating when I was just getting started, since it seemed like every time I was off to a good start (had a new backpack, and found a hammer or baseball bat), some dick with a shotgun would kill me…and back to square one.

There are areas called “safe zones” where you can access your global inventory; so when you finally find a gun, you can keep it safe until you get a better handle on the game.  It’s also a good idea to stash any ammo you find, since it is in very short supply.

Once you figure out how to survive the other players long enough to start exploring, food and water will become an issue.  Food and drink items can be scavenged from the various cities and towns.  Other items you can find include healing items, guns, gun mods, ammo, and armor.  There is a decent selection of hats to wear as well.

Keep an eye on this one, definite potential, and remember: trust no one.


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