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access_time November 19, 2012 at 5:34 PM in Audio by Andrew Kent

GotGame Daily News Update: Wii U VS. Project Durango

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Welcome to the GotGame Daily News Update for Monday, November 19th, 2012

First a few quick news pieces.

Don’t shut down your Wii U while it’s updating. You won’t be happy with the result: a useless hunk of hardware that won’t turn on.

Some Wii U game pads, and even Wii U systems are freezing. The only solution either turning them on or off or unplugging the Wii U completely and plugging it back in. Nintendo support says to either send the game pad in or wait for a patch. Great job guys. #firstworldproblems

Ubisoft’s recently launched ZombiU is most likely not going to have DLC unless the game becomes popular enough. I personally would LOVE  to pay $20 for goofy zombie attire.

Nuketown 2025 map on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer has been taken offline suddently.

PC and Wii U versions for Grand Theft Auto V are “up for consideration”. Who cares!? I’ve got my Nirnternderlernd!

Now back to your regularly schedule news cast.

Many game magazines have been shutting down recently, not just in America but even over in Europe as well. One such magazine, British-based XBOX World, are going out in style by spilling the largest rumor on to the table I’ve ever seen. What could possibly be this large? Leaked details about the so called project “Durango”, AKA the XBOX 720. They even have a picture of the console. Apparently the next generation console will come with directional audio, Kinect 2.0, Blu-ray disc player, TV in/out, a gamepad, and (eventually) augmented reality with glasses. XBOX world says that, barring any drastic changes, all of this and everything else in their last issue will be seen at E3 in June 2012. Sounds like this one will cost two arms and a leg. Time to start an indiegogo project to fund my robotic arms and leg.


The Nintendo Wii U eShop seems a to be friendly towards indie developers. Frozenbyte, of Trine 2 fame, told IGN that indie developers are able to set their own price on the console. Along with that there are no basic payemnts for patches, and the game can be updated an infinite amount of times. All they have to do is follow some basic guidelines from the people in charge. With all the strangeness surrounding the Wii U console, I’m glad to see that they are treating indie developers quite well.

On a final note, to those of you excited for Mass Effect’s newest Omega DLC, don’t expect it on the Wii U. Bioware and EA have both confirmed that the Omega DLC will not be available on Wii U. However when asked if any other DLC would be available for Nintendo’s newest console EA came back with “Never say never”.


That’s it for the GotGame Daily News Update for Monday, November 19th, 2012.


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