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Review | Medal of Honor Warfighter – A Second Opinion

Okay. So Medal of Honor Warfighter has been out for a little over a month now, and it has met with some pretty bad reviews from some major gaming websites; but is Warfighter really as bad as they say it is?

Hi, I’m Max with GotGame and we recently got our hands on Medal of Honor Warfighter to give you a second opinion.

“Like a brazenly patriotic action movie married to a third-rate soap opera, a thin and clearly artificial thread of human drama is awkwardly tied up with a mundane plot involving a convoluted terrorist network. Regardless of any intention to honor real life soldiers and their families, it’s altogether unconvincing and unmoving.” – GameTrailers.

Before I continue, I just want to say that unlike the over-liberal idiot who wrote this, I actually had the honor of serving my country in the 21st engineering battalion out of ft. Leonard Wood MO. (hooah). As soldiers we stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States in close combat. You say we kill, I say we protect, and defend all those we love. In a combat situation, we do everything in our power to keep ourselves and our battle buddies alive so we can get home to those loved ones; and every second of downtime we have we think about and pray and sometimes cry for our loved ones. They’re our heart and our foundation and in turn that keeps us focused and determined to complete each task that’s given to us by our commanding officer. When the people we love threaten to leave us, our foundation loses its integrity and in turn our head is no longer in the game which can be dangerous to ourselves and our battle buddies. This game shows the player that a soldier doesn’t always use a weapon to fight for his loved ones and that even a tier 1 soldier has a heart, has fears, and is just as human as those he or she is fighting for. So unless you’re willing to raise your right hand and swear to defend the United States of America against all enemies foreign or domestic, I suggest you keep you fucking mouth shut before thinking about interpreting the mind of a soldier.

Okay. Now let’s share our thoughts.

MoH Warfighter is built on the Frosbyte 2 engine, so the game looks great…when it’s finished rendering. Seriously it’s 2012. We should NOT be seeing grass grow and building form before our eyes while we’re playing. We’ve seen how awesome the Frostbite 2 engine works on consoles, so Danger Close and Dice have no fucking excuse for this mess; none. In this game you play multiple characters, but the main focus is on Preacher, a Tier 1 soldier who (in a nutshell) is struggling to hold his marriage together while fighting to protect the US from terrorists. As a veteran, I connected more with Preacher than any of the character in the game because of his constant conflict between his marriage and his sworn duties. I truly applaud Danger Close for getting the character dynamics and chemistry between preacher and his wife right on the money. As I watched Preacher look at his wife in daughter in the hospital bed, it reminded me of my time in the infirmary and how much I wanted my wife there so I can hold her tight and never let go. Thankfully my wife is not far away these days.  I really wished Danger Close would have just kept complete focus on Preacher. It’s really hard for an audience to connect with a character if they constantly have to switch to another one.


More-or-less comfortable is an understatement with MoH Warfighter. The campaign has that snap-in zoom and fast responsive controls that Call of Duty vets are used to, but the multiplayer is a completely different animal. The snap-in doesn’t really work and when you zoomed in you reticle either moves too slow or too fast and don’t bother to slide during a firefight because you’ll get picked off before you can recover. When I pick up an FPS for the first time, I like to try the campaign first because (most of the time) the campaign can serve as a great tutorial that can really help you get into the groove of things before heading into the somewhat unforgiving multiplayer. Unfortunately you can’t really do that with MoH because the single player and multiplayer where developed separately and it seems that neither Dice nor Danger Close ever spoke to each other during the game’s development. So now you’re stuck with two completely different games boxed together with the name Medal of Honor slapped on the fucking box. Beautiful huh? Next time Dice need to give us a combat training mode so we noobs can at least stand a fighting chance.


As a soldier you’re taut to adapt and overcome obstacles. This means sometimes you have to think outside of the box and be unpredictable. MoH does not give you allow you this kind of option. It’s extremely linear and completely predictable, which in turn makes for a somewhat boring experience. I actually fell asleep while playing the campaign. No joke. If Danger Close wanted to push authenticity, they should allow us to plan our moves like Brothers In Arms where you’re given an overhead of the terrain and you can coordinate with your fire team or maybe like Crysis where you can attack from different points of entry. I think I speak for all FPS gamers when I say: We are sick and tired of playing campaigns that feel like rail shooters. We’re not paying you $60 dollars to play a four to five hour version of Ghost Squad. You want to be the top of the mountain EA? Stop fucking us on the single player and maybe more of us will buy your shit.

Multiplayer the other hand allows you to coordinate with your team, but in close quarter combat only. Battlefield vehicle whores need not apply.  As far as hit detection and bullet damage goes, I have only one question for Dice: Why are we running around with air-soft BB guns? Seriously, an Aug, or hell even a pistol at point blank rang is lethal. I shouldn’t have to bury a clip and a half to put someone down. It’s fucking retarded. The best part of this game is the battle buddy system where you start the match with a partner and are given extra points for helping him throughout the match. While in the Army, I was trained to stick with a battle buddy at all times, so this system isn’t only welcome, it’s authentic. If you get this game, please have some or make some friends who also have this game because randoms will never help you and always want lone wolf it.

All bitching aside, Medal of Honor is not as bad as the other website make it out to be. I really loved Preacher’s story and I played through hoping that he gets a chance to have that happy ending with his wife and kid. And I actually had some fun with the multiplayer until I unlocked the Aug and found out that it was completely fucking useless. EA; if you’re going to use two developers to make your flagship FPS title, for the love of God make sure the developers are consistent with each other so the players who finished the campaign don’t feel so fucking alienated when they play the multiplayer.


  • GMAC November 13, 2012 at 10:10 AM

    haha you get so mad, I love it.

  • Ramon Aranda November 13, 2012 at 3:18 PM

    I had the chance to play the game too and honestly, it’s not as bad as some sites have made it out to be. Is it as good as Battlefield 3? No. But’s it’s still a fun shooter that could’ve just used a bit more polish. A 3.5/5 sounds about right.

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