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GotGame Daily News Audio Update: StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm Release Date, Megaman, And More

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Welcome to the GotGame Daily News Audio Update for Novemer 13, 2012

A few news bytes first.

Miiverse capabilities will not be available for the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3. Too bad, I was looking forward to hearing people whine about how bad the ending is.
Zynga purchased game developer November Software (developer of Golden Arrow with help from NVIDIA).
The Diablo III Auction House was down for emergency maintenance today but is now back up. I hope that you weren’t in the middle of trading your rare items for rent money when it went down.
StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm will be getting a March 12, 2013 release date for, you guessed it, $60.

Now to your regularly scheduled news posts

The PS Vita is getting a firmware update to version 2.0. This new version will include an e-mail app that supports Gmail, Yahoo, and other e-mail providers, you will be able to connect wirelessly to a PC, and video apps now support playing 1080p videos but in lesser quality definition.

Microsoft, out of the blue, has done something that no one would ever expect. They gave gamers who subscribed to XBOX Live for ten years in a row, a free custom XBOX 360. The world truly IS coming to an end, Microsoft is actually giving back something of equal value to what gamers have payed/done for them. I’ll start packing my shelter supplies tonight…

THQ recently sold it’s Ultimate Fighting Championship license to Electronic Arts and Ubisoft says they’d like to get in on that action too if THQ so chooses to sell more franchises. More specifically, Ubisoft is interested in Homefront 2, Company of Heroes 2, Saints Row 4, and a game that is still in production that has not been revealed yet.

And finally, the last time we saw the Blue Bomber, Megaman, seemed like ages ago. With the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 all hope was lost as to when we would see another game come out for the franchise. But Capcop Senior Vice President, Christian Svensson, has given us a small glimmer of hope. Svensson says that we have not seen the last of Megaman.

Svensson went on to say that “with luck, we’ll be celebrating his 50th anniversary, including all of the games you’re going to enjoy over the next 25 years.”

It seems like we will be getting 25 more years of Megaman but Svensson is not giving out any more details due to the fact that over time things may change. Let’s hope that they stay on track with their plans for Megaman. For all the fans sakes.


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