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GotGame Daily News Audio Update: Destiny, Skryim PS3 DLC, And More

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Welcome to the GotGame Daily News Audio Update for Thursday November 8, 2012

First off we’ve got snappy comment news time.

Angry Birds Star Wars launched today for Android and iOS. Is twilight next?
All Final Fantasy XIV players are invited to the FINAL Event before A Realm Reborn. That’s final!
The Android Humble Bundle is out and has Sword and Sworcery, Splice, Eufloria, Waking Mars, Crayon Physics Deluxe, and if you donate more than the average amount, Machinarium. Check it out at humblebundle.com
Grand Theft Auto will feature 3 protagonists: No details on them yet until the December issue of Game Informer comes out.
Activision Blizzard is working hard to get a release date for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm in the first half of 2013. That’s if we’re all alive.
Playstation All Stars Battle Royale’s final boss will be Polygon man, Sony’s ex Playstation mascot. Can anyone say Porygon?

Now to your regularly scheduled news cast.

I’ll cut to the chase and give you the news you’ve all been waiting for…sort of. Bethesda says they are “close” to getting Skyrim DLC out for PS3. Just in time for the new Dragonborn DLC. Wait for ages to get DLC, have to spend nearly the cost of the game to get it all at once. You know the Dragonborn DLC is going to be at least $20.

Gamefly has launched a PC client for both Mac and PC. Both OS versions have over 1,500 titles available. If you are a member of GameFly you can play PC games for as long as you like. To kick things off 2K Games has agreed to give anyone who downloads the client a free copy of the first Bioshock game. A man chooses, but a gamer is pulled in by free stuff….always.

A leak in the coporate pipes has revealed some new information about Bungie’s newest venture: Destiny. The game will be located in a vast world which will be sectioned off into zones. The game sounds more like an MMO than anything when you read the leaked report that this information comes from.

“This is not a dedicated server game, but there is some simulation and coordination running in their server infrastructure. The game was up and down a lot, playing in a team of 3 we did manage to experience entering a zone to find other players already taking on the bad guys, it’s cooperative so we helped out (mostly [name removed], I just died) before both groups went their separate ways. Which is a pretty cool experience, making you feel you are part of a much larger populated world.”

Speaking of which, one of those oh so handy analysts has something to say about Bungie’s new game. Doug Creutz of Cowen & Company says that they predicted a 2013 launch for the game, but now think that the game will be available in 2014. Who else wonders if these analyst read bones and look at Astrology charts to get their information?

Finally, you all know that Star Wars: The Old Republic is going free to play, but now we have a date. November 15th, 2012 is the day to mark on your calendars if you’ve been itching to play this game but haven’t had the money for a subscription. If you’ve been shoveling money at this game, don’t worry you’ll get something back for it, 250 cartel points. If you renew your subscription before Dec. 21st you can get in on this “amazing” deal. I’m sure such riches will keep you satisfied for “quite some time”.

That’s it for the GotGame Daily News Audio update for Thursday November 8, 2012.


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