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access_time November 5, 2012 at 8:35 PM in Culture by Andrew Kent

GotGame Daily News Update (11/5/2012): Dragonborn DLC And More

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Welcome to the GotGame Daily News Update. Today is Monday, November 5th, 2012.

In today’s news THQ has announced delays for three of it’s upcoming games: South Park: The Stick of Truth, Metro: Last Night, and Company of Heroes 2. South Park has been delayed until April 2013 while the latter two games will ship later than expected in March. Why game studios even give launch windows to the public is beyond me. They just keep dissapointing, don’t they?

Speaking of dissapointments, a Grand Theft Auto hoax has been floating around the internet today. Apparently one savvy user claimed they received the December issue of Game Informer which entailed a Breaking Bad like scenario for Rockstar’s latest gangbangarrific title. Fortunately, for me, though this information was found to be false. Who needs another Walter White look a-like with a bad mustache/beard combo and a bald head. The though makes me cringe.

In other news, Dark Souls game director Hidetaka Miyazaki, try saying that five times fast, admitted to trolling gamers. Saying that he intentionally placed a pendant, that players get at the start of the game, just to “play a prank”. I believe the saying here is “U mad bro?” I believe I need to wash my mouth with Listerine and some good grammar after saying that.

Last but not least William Shatner told Kotaku’s Mike Fahey to “Play with himself”…oh wait that’s not news. It’s hard to tell actual news from bullshit these days.

Last but not least, for real this time, Bethesda teased it last week and you’ve been rumoring about it for a few weeks before that. The Dragonborn DLC has been announced. Yes you’ll get to go to Morrowind, yes, it seems like you’ll get to have dragon mounts, and yes some of the old stuff is coming back. However, will it be another expensive pile of Shatner or an expansive pile of goodness that warms your heart enough to burn off a few fatty cells from the already thick layer of adipose?

That’s it for your GotGame News update for November 5th, 2012.



  • ubernaut November 9, 2012 at 2:37 PM

    bueller? bueller? bueller?

    sorry couldn’t help but say that 😛

    awesome stuff Andrew!

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