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access_time October 29, 2012 at 10:04 PM in Features by Ryan Bates

Yoshi, Captain Falcon and… an Octopus… Host Final Three ‘Nintendo Land’ Attractions

Nintendo Land has opened up the queues to the final three attractions in the “virtual theme park” for the Wii U. Two features familiar characters, and the other… well, there’s a third attraction.

The first of the three features everybody’s favorite dinosaur from the Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi! In “Yoshi’s Fruit Cart” players will use the Wii U Gamepad’s touchscreen to draw pathways for Yoshi to travel in his cart to pick up delicious fruits. Though the attraction sounds more like an outdoor vending stand, it sounds like fun, and everyone loves Yoshi, so it’s certain to be a hit.

The second takes the player back to the universe of F-Zero (at least, the simulated Nintendo Land version) in “Captain Falcon’s Twister Race.” Players will take part in a “simulated” F-Zero race, controlling a racer using the gyroscopic motion sensors inside the Wii U Gamepad, avoiding spikes and other perils along the way. F-Zero is one of the early SNES classics, which will ring familiar with both new gamers and old-skool gamers alike. Plus, it’s always fun to shout “FALCON PUNCH!” randomly.

The third and final attraction… well… it’s called “Octopus Dance.” Nintendo has been very wary of releasing details about this attraction, so no one knows very much about it, but the details seem very… unusual. “Octopus Dance” is based on Octopus, a 1981 Game & Watch game where divers must gather sunken treasure without getting hit by the Octopus’ tentacles. Somehow this translates into a dance-based mini-game, where players use the gyroscopic motion sensors inside the Wii U Gamepad to mimic dance moves presented by the “deep-sea dance instructor.” I’m not sure how well this attraction will go over with Nintendo Land players (for those who know the history of the Disneyland Resort, I’m thinking along the same lines of “Superstar Limo”), but you never know.

“Yoshi’s Fruit Cart,” “Captain Falcon’s Twister Race,” and “Octopus Dance” join nine other attractions inside Nintendo Land, including, among others, “Donkey Kong’s Crash Course,” “Luigi’s Ghost Mansion,” and “The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest.” Nintendo Land opens its gates on the Wii U Launch date, November 18, and will be included in the hard-to-find Deluxe black bundle.


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