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access_time October 27, 2012 at 12:45 PM in Culture by Tim St. Croix

Sony Says: Playstation Preview Event

Recently I had the chance to sit down with some of the folks at Sony and got to try out two of their newest, and no doubt biggest, games set to drop this holiday season. That’s right I got my mitts on Little Big Planet Karting and Playstation All Stars and I am here to tell you that these games are fun, and I have no doubt I will spend a considerable amount of time playing them with my friends over the holidays.

First up is LBP Karting, it has everything you love and about the original LBP but now in a full open 3D world and…well karting. As with every LBP game it comes with a suite of creative tools to build your own levels and design your dream karting courses. That however is not all, for the first time LBP lets you created scripted cutscences, which means that not only can you make an intro movie to your level, it is also possible to quite probably make your own mini-movie starring Sackboy. What shouldn’t come as a shock is that everything is customizable, even your kart, from changing the suspension to the wheels it lets you create a custom kart that will let you drive and play the way you want. During the demo I was shown a FPS level that someone had created, that’s right an FPS. LBP’s motif has always been to let the players make and share content and that hasn’t changed here at all, and I hope it never does.

Playstation All Stars is fun and great, and don’t listen to the haters calling it a Smash Bros. clone. After spending time with it at E3 and most recently at this event I can honestly say it plays absolutely nothing like Smash. It is its own unique game with a great cast of characters, 20 of them to be exact. During my time with it I played as Sackboy and had a ball. The combat is fast and frenetic and with the ability to build up Super moves it more resembles a fighting game than a straight up brawler. The character animations look tight, and the controls equally so, the level design is gorgeous and the amount of polish I saw already on this game makes me think that when it drops, all the haters are gonna be eating their words.


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