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access_time October 16, 2012 at 10:30 AM in Culture by Sean Garmer

Skyrim DLC Named “Dragonborn” May Take Players Back to Morrowind

Everyone likes a little bit of nostalgia here and there. The film industry seems to be banking on that with every remake they release, even TV Networks are getting in the act too. However, nowhere is it more prevalent than in the Video Game world where millions of Square-Enix fans still ask daily when is “FF VII getting a HD remake.”

Perhaps Bethesda might be headed in this direction as well with future Skyrim DLC as well. According to Kotaku Skyrim’s next DLC could be taking us back to the world of Morrowind, the third game in Bethesda’s popular RPG series.

Elder Scrolls fans have dug through the files for patch 1.8, which Bethesda released yesterday for PC, and found all sorts of clues that could hint at future content for the game, including that the newest of piece of DLC may be named “Dragonborn.”

One line hints at a return to Solstheim, the Nord colony last seen in the second expansion to Morrowind, Bloodmoon. Other patch files hint at dragon riding and other locations in and around Solstheim.

This would be the third piece of DLC for Skyrim, with Dawnguard and Heathfire released earlier in the year.


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