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access_time October 15, 2012 at 10:12 PM in News by Justin Weinblatt

Too Early To Count The Vita Out? Sony Thinks So

You don’t have to look very hard to find an article declaring doom and gloom for the Playstation Vita.  According to Sony PlayStation UK’s Managing Director Fergal Gara, such articles are “preposterous”.  Speaking to MVC, Gara had this to say about the Playstation Vita’s future.

“… the great news is that we have got the content in place. We have got the cash to invest in terms of marketing and retail to really ignite it this Christmas. To start judging a console before it has had its first Christmas is preposterous, really. And we are giving it everything we have got.”

While I can see Gara’s point, the prospects of a huge Christmas for the Vita seems iffy.  The Vita has been struggling all year while its most immediate competitor, Nintendo’s 3DS, has been building momentum.  The 3DS’s holiday lineup, led by Paper Mario Sticker Star, isn’t the strongest, but the 3DS already has a strong library to fall back on.  In addition, the holiday season will see the Wii U sucking up lots of holiday dollars, and smart phones and tablets will be competition for the Vita.

On the bright side for Vita fans, the Vita will see two of gaming’s biggest third party franchises in Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed.  Sony will also be kicking off its Cross-buy feature which will give gamers a free digital copy of certain Vita games when they purchase the corresponding game on PS3.  Playstation All-Stars will show off this feature, which could make the Vita more attractive to PS3 owners.

Hopefully, Gara is right about the Vita.  Sony managed to revive its floundering PS3, so hopefully they could use some of that same magic for the Playstation Vita.


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