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Team Fortress 2 Gets MvM Update

by on October 11, 2012

Valve has unleashed a new update to the Mann vs. Machine mode in Team Fortress 2.

The update now gives more Tours of Duty to MvM mode, which includes Operation Oil Spill (medium difficulty) and Operation Gear Grinder (super hard), to go along with Operation Steel Trap (hard).

Additionally, gamers will find some new loot in the game, specifically “rust, blood-covered ‘bot heads” in Operation Oil Spill and “24-carat diamond ‘bot heads in Operation Gear Grinder.

(Remember: as always, loot is the only difference between MvM on the unofficial “Boot Camp” server and official “Mann Up” servers. Otherwise the gameplay is identical.)

Valve also says they’ve added the ability to select multiple missions at the same time in order to try and find compatible players quickly.  You can also filter them by difficulty level or all missions not yet marked off on a Tour of Duty. Also, when your MvM group finishes off a mission, you’ll all go back to the matchmaking screen together as a group, so no more automatic disbanding.

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