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access_time October 10, 2012 at 12:49 PM in Tech by Andrew Kent

Apple Was Warned About Its Map App Failures

The move from using Google maps to the new maps app on iOS 6 was a disaster for Apple. Roads were warped, the Statue Of Liberty didn’t look right, and even a top secret military base in Taiwan was revealed for all to see. It’s been three weeks since the launch of iOS 6, and where are iDevice users now? Most likely using the superior Google maps.

Apple did, however, have a chance to fix this blunder thought. According to Yahoo News, CNET spoke to anonymous app developers who played with the maps app before it’s launch. One such developer posted a rant about how awful the app was. All issues were apparently well documented according to the six developers that CNET spoke to. Apple’s response was either very little or that the problems were “well understood”. Basically, Apple just blew off the developers. I guess they were too busy with the launch of their new, not innovative, iPhone to worry about some silly maps app.

Does it seem like Apple is just getting full of itself? Why didn’t they fix a problem they knew about before they launched iOS 6? It seems to me like it’s becoming too “OK” to have bugs in your program before you send it out.


  • Ramon Aranda October 10, 2012 at 1:25 PM

    If Steve Jobs was alive; he’d walk up to that development team and tell them the app “is shit!”

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