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Working Knockoff Lightning Connectors On The Way?

by on October 9, 2012

When it was announced that only Apple licensed vendors would be able to make third-party lightning connectors and the such I chuckled and knew that Apple had dug their proverbial grave even deeper. The iPhone 5 seems like it is becoming more and more like the one ring, with Apple as Gollum. Android devices on the other hand use a micro USB connector, which almost every damn thing uses now and they have replaceable batteries as well as the ability to change the UI, among other things.

Apple may have a savior though, in the hands of other third party companies who want to cash in on the popularity of the iPhone 5. The unauthorized Apple companies seem to have found a way to bypass the lightning connector authentication by using what are called “cracked chips” inside the knockoff connectors.

This could save Apple…for now…so we will see if the company takes any action against these third party companies using cracked chips. Otherwise with high prices for connectors and adapters bordering on extortion, Apple may see customers getting tired of putting out so much.

Source: CNET

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