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Sony Suing Kevin Butler Over Mario Kart Ad

by on October 6, 2012

A little while ago, I wrote a tongue in cheek article regarding Sony’s Vice President of Everything appearing in an ad featuring Mario Kart.  You can read that here.  At the time, I thought it was a small matter good for a chuckle, but Sony and their legal team aren’t laughing.

Sony and their lawyers have filed a lawsuit against Bridgestone tires.  Bridgestone tires had an advertisement that promoted a special offer where car owners could receive a Wii with their tire purchases.  As part of this ad, several Bridgestone employees were seen playing Mario Kart.  One of these employees was Jerry Lambert aka Kevin Butler.  About a week after the story made its rounds on the internet, Sony began legal proceedings.  The docket for the case can be seen here.

Sony’s lawsuit also lists Wildcat Creek as a defendant.  Wildcat Creek is a company where Jerry Lambert serves as an actual executive.  Suddenly, an amusing story has become a bit more serious.  I believe Sony’s ads featuring Lambert were partially responsible for the Playstation 3’s turnaround, so hopefully Sony and their estranged pitchman can work things out.

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