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access_time October 5, 2012 at 10:46 AM in Features by Justin Weinblatt

Have A Rematch With The Collectors With Mass Effect 3’s Retaliation Pack

EA has been doing a good job of releasing a ton of content for Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode.  The latest add on to Mass Effect 3 give you access to some nice new content.  First and foremost, the Retaliation Pack introduces the Collectors from Mass Effect 2 as a new enemy type.  The Collectors bring along some of their weaponry, including a Collector Sniper Rifle, a Collector Assault Rifle, and a Collector SMG.  There are also some new weapon and gear mods that players can earn along with new character classes to play as.

Another interesting addition to the ME3 multiplayer experience is the new challenge feature, which is essentially an in game achievements system specifically for the multiplayer mode.  Gamers will be able to compare their challenge accomplishments to other gamers, but sadly no gamer points will be awarded.

There are no new stages to be found in the Retaliation pack, but old maps will be outfitted with new hazards to make life more difficult for players.  Lighting, acid, and fire hazards will join the Collectors in an attempt to make you miserable.

I haven’t played Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode since a few weeks after the game launched, but these new features may just be intriguing enough to convince me to hop back in.  What do you think of these new additions?  Feel free to comment below.


  • Ramon Aranda October 5, 2012 at 10:56 AM

    Man, I’m lagging on playing this game…just playing catch up.

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