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Your Daily Pick Me Up 10/2

by on October 2, 2012

It’s Tuesday dear readers and do you know what that means? Monday is over! I think though that the week doesn’t get better until at least Wednesday, or once Wednesday is nearly over. Regardless I’ve got some pictures for you! Yes, just for you. Because I care. XO

GOJIRRA OUTSIDE MAH WINDOW. OH NOOOOOO. This dad has his hands full in Japan. I heard Godzilla’s favorite food is Dad. Fact. Thanks copyrighted reddit user.

Golly gee mister, what’s that on your leg?! Thanks Bwaxxlo.

If the camera puts on 100 lbs, what about the other 200? Gracias ArrenPawk.

Just LOOK at how ADORABLE that baby is! He/she (I can’t tell) has such cute chubby little cheeks on their face! He’s going to grow up to be a Sumo wrestler I bet.

Lastly we have Maru the cat back for another round of cute and fluffiness. This is an amalgamation of different short clips of Maru. Hopefully this will give you your cat fix for the day.

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