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access_time September 25, 2012 at 1:12 PM in Tech by Andrew Kent

Watch Out Galaxy Phone Users, There’s A Bug In The System [Samsung]

It’s not uncommon for bugs and glitches to appear in computer systems these days. Companies are trying to throw in everything and the kitchen sink into their product, so some things can be left accounted for. Most of the times these bugs and glitches don’t do much harm. An antennae that doesn’t work when the phone is tilted the certain way, map apps going berserk, or the phone is slow. However a recently discovered bug on Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones that use the TouchWiz interface could be quite detrimental to you.

What this bug does is whenever you go to a page that has “”tel:*2767*3855%23” in the HTML frame. Doing so wipes your whole phone, but you have a back up right? RIGHT?! If you don’t then worry not, Samsung is already aware of the problem and the latest update for the Galaxy S III. Gizmodo also recommends that consumers use an alternative dialer app like Dialer One.

It’s always wise for you to make sure to have a back up of all of the information on your phone as well. Google Voice is another phone app which allows you store contacts online, connect multiple phone #’s to one virtual phone #, and send text messages and call other numbers from your computer. All for free dear readers. You can check it out here: Google Voice

Source: Gizmodo


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