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access_time September 24, 2012 at 11:09 AM in Culture by Josh Boykin

Foxconn Riot Shuts Down Due to Riots

The Foxconn plant in China has been the site of many overseas labor disputes. After being highlighted by American media like NPR’s This American Life, the workers there have tried to obtain higher wages and better living conditions. But the situation apparently hasn’t improved too drastically; riots in the Chinese iPhone assembly plant have led to a shut down.

MSN recently updated about the story, writing that the shutdown may last two or three days, according to sources. The riots started late Monday night local time after a guard reportedly brutalized an employee of the plant in the dormitories. The resulting riot took until 3 AM to quell, and 5,000 Chinese police officers were called to handle the situation. Geoff Crothall, the Communications Director for the China Labor Bulletin, said, “Clearly there is deep-seated frustration and anger among the employees and no outlet, apart from violence, for that frustration to be released.” Clearly, as issues at Foxconn plants before have resulted in other riots and suicides.

Foxconn is the largest manufacturer of electronics around the world, including products like the XBox 360, PS3, and Apple iPhone. Let’s hope that the people making the devices we enjoy every day can get some more enjoyment out of their lives, and not have to resort to violence to find answers.


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