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New FarCry 3 trailer: It’s like Survivor With Guns!

by on September 21, 2012

Ubisoft’s upcoming FarCry 3 is looking more and more impressive everyday. The new trailer released shows that the open world of the game will be more insanity island than fantasy island. I recently had a chance to check out the open world of FarCry 3 and the only way to describe it is Skyrim with guns on a beautifully rendered tropical locale filled with kimono dragons. I hope they put that quote on the box because I am very hyped for this upcoming title. Ubisoft has a huge lineup for the later part of the year with Assassins Creed 3 but don’t sleep on FarCry 3. From what I have seen so far FarCry 3 looks to be a dark horse contender for Game Of The Year. Guns, jetskis, sharks, strange psychedelic cutscenes, and a lush tropical environment, what more can you ask for this winter. Sign me up for a vacation on FarCry 3’s insanity island. Check out more about the open world of FarCry 3 in this excellent post. http://gotgame.com/2012/09/21/far-cry-3-interview-with-production-manager-philippe-fournier/

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