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access_time September 18, 2012 at 12:24 PM in Tech by Andrew Kent

Google Purchases Instagram-Like Company

Facebook only just snatched up Instagram a few months ago, leaving the people who ran Instagram rolling in the money until Facebook’s stock didn’t turn out to be what everyone thought it was going to be. I mean, it DOESN’T do anything productive, so people should have seen that coming. Anyways, Google, ever the smart cookie, has been trying to outwit and trump Facebook with it’s own social network service: Google +. Unfortunately everyone is still using Facebook. Ugh.

However, Google has pulled a copycat + 1 and bought NikSoftware which you’re probably wondering wtf that is. NikSoftware has an app for the iPhone and iPad, as well as Mac, called Snapseed. Snapseed works a lot like Instagram in the fact that you can take a picture and change the filters on it. What sets Snapseed apart from Instagram is that it is a paid service, and boy do you get a lot for your money. Snapseed for iOS, which costs $4.99, gives you a bunch more filters (Instagram allows you to chose from several) and what not to do to your photos.

If you’re wondering about how much Google spent to acquire NikSoftware, well you’re not the only one. But apparently according to Wired, it’s “not Instagram money”.

So it seems like the game is afoot and Google knows quality when it sees it. Free may be the way to go, but you can’t beat the quality of a well done application. I’m talking to YOU Facebook app for Android.

Source: Wired


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