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Cliffy B Says He Does Not Want to See Discs on Next-Gen

by on September 18, 2012

Cliff Bleszinski told Videogamer.com “He´d rather not see disc based games” from Microsoft and Sony on the next generation of consoles.

There has been a rumor going around since the whole next-gen talk began that Microsoft and Sony wanted to find a way to diminish the impact of the used game market on video games. Well, making everything “digital only” would certainly be a way to do it. There was even a report by MCV that Microsoft had handed out an edict stating “there would be no disc drive” in the Next Xbox. Of course, Microsoft would not confirm the report, but they did not debunk it either.

Cliffy B also commented on the “Project Fortaleza” rumor, which in case you have not heard is a virtual reality concept using KINECT glasses to create an entire room of virtual recreations.

“Mark my words, VR is coming back in a big way.” Bleszinski said

Well, the head guy at Epic Games is certainly someone to listen to when it comes to industry talk. So, if he is right, it looks like interesting things are headed our way in 2013.

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