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Windows RT Version Of Office Detailed

by on September 13, 2012

Ah, the Windows Surface tablets. It’s always good to hear news about them because we are just that much closer to finally having competition for the dreaded iPad that has so towered over the market unjustly. Exaggeration aside, Windows has finally released some details about the Windows RT version of Office. If you don’t recall, Windows RT will be running on the “light” version of the Surface tablet while the other Surface tablet will have the full Windows 8 package.

Anyways, Microsoft has announced that Office for Windows RT will be a more stripped down version of Office. Offices for A preview version of Office for Windows RT will be pre-installed on the tablet, with a full version coming later. No standalone of the program is planned for release. There will be no macros, no add-ins, and no support for recording narrations to PowerPoint. Basically anything that requires Active X will not be supported on the RT version of Office. Some e-mail sending features will not be available either since Windows RT will not be able to run Outlook.

If you want the full deets on Office for RT and Windows 8 then you can check it out here: Office Next

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