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access_time September 13, 2012 at 12:44 PM in Tech by Andrew Kent

Over 50% Android Device’s Vulnerabilities Not Patched

With the advent of Android, there was finally a competitor for the all mighty iOS. However with so many differing phones, I would imagine it can be hard to keep up some times. Not only with games and apps, which a lot of the times only appear on the iOS, but it turns out that some companies leave Android powered phones open to attack.

According to a Duo Security, a startup funded by the Department of Defense, it’s more 50% likely that your Android phone is susceptible to attack. As to how Duo found this out, they put Android powered phones under the microscope that they call their “X-Ray” program. The program doesn’t try and find malicious software, but instead tries to locate possible holes in the phone’s digital security that said software can get through.

X-Ray, which is an app for Android, was launched two months ago and Duo Security has received results from over 20,000 Android devices that have used the app to scan their device. I downloaded the app myself and it turns out that a part of my phone called “Gingerbreak” is vulnerable. Although there is also a part called “ZergRush”, no clue where that came from since I don’t play StarCraft II. Anyways, if you want to download the app you can do so here at Duo Security’s blog: X-Ray For Android


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