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access_time September 11, 2012 at 8:26 AM in Culture by Sean Garmer

Ron Gilbert Says Doom Killed Adventure Games

Eurogamer recently did an interview with Adventure Games aficionado Ron Gilbert, in which he blames Doom for the “death” of the traditional adventure game.

“Adventure games never really died per se, but if they did, who pulled the trigger? Why, Doom of course. Well, not Doom exactly…more of what Doom introduced to the market and the type of audience it courted. On the subject” “I blame Doom, because before Doom came out, games were a lot slower paced and people were a lot more interested in thinking and strategy.”

“And then Doom came out… it was visceral, and it was fast, and you shot stuff, and gibs flew off of everything. It just kind of flipped a lot of people’s thinking a little bit, and also attracted a much bigger audience into games. With the adventure game people stayed, they never left. But there were all these other people that kind of came and things like Doom just sort of started to dominate.”

Gilbert says he feels Adventure Games became more stagnant after Doom’s introduction changed the world of gaming.

I wonder what gamers thoughts are on why fans liked faster games instead of ones where they have to think and strategize before proceeding?

Whatever the reason, it is sad when certain games become lost in favor of others. Why can’t we have a little of both? Thankfully, adventure games are having somewhat of resurgence right now. So, who knows maybe Ron Gilbert can lead the charge for a new adventure gaming generation.


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