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CMO of Zynga Resigns

by on September 11, 2012


The “rats off a sinking ship” metaphor may not be appropriate but it does appear that the Zynga executive lunch room is a lonely place to be. It was announced today that Zynga’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Karp has resigned. According to a statement released by Zynga “Jeff Karp is leaving Zynga, and the groups in his organization have been realigned under appropriate existing divisions. Our marketing and revenue teams have always been industry leaders, and as we continue our transition toward mobile and multiplatform game creation and distribution, their continued execution will be key to our future success. We are grateful to Jeff for his contributions over the last year and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

I’m sorry did Zynga just future endeavor Jeff Karp?

Karp is the second former Electronic Arts connected Zynga employee to bail in the last month after poor second quarter profits saw the companies shares dip below $3 per share. Over the last six weeks about 12 executives have left Zynga which begs the question — why did Zynga need more than 12 executives?

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