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Harry Potter for Kinect Demo Released

by on September 10, 2012

Warner Bros. Interactive has today released a playable demo of Harry Potter for Kinect via Xbox Live, which lets players use the camera to scan their own faces to create a wizard or witch to study at Hogwarts.

The game is based out of all eight Harry Potter movies and asks players to use gestures and voice commands to cast spells, interact with other characters and play mini-games.

The downloadable demo contains a sample of three mini-games:  Quidditch Match ­Seeker, in which players must control a flying broomstick as they attempt to dodge opponents and catch the Golden Snitch during a Quidditch match; Journey to the Lestrange Vault, where players must navigate a cart through the dark and dangerous underground caverns of Gringotts bank to reach the vault that houses the Lestrange fortune; and Destroy the Bridge, in which the player must battle Death Eaters while trying to make their way safely across the exploding Hogwarts bridge.

Harry Potter for Kinect will see a full retail release on Oct. 9.

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