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Black Ops 2: Nerf Alert!

by on September 8, 2012

In a posting on Twitter, David Vondehaar who is the Game Designer/Director over at Treyarch, has revealed that we will no longer be able to destroy turrets with a single slash of our knives in the upcoming Black Ops 2.

“You can’t knife turrets in Black Ops 2 MP. It was destroying where they were they existed in the power/value band.”

Well, it would seem that they are trying to make it a little more believable in terms on what can actually exist in this world. Aside from the space shooting that they are rumored to have. Although it would seem that it is limiting what the user can do, he did not elaborate on another way that you will be able to disable the turrets, my guess is that it will be similar to the mechanics of placing C4 where you have to hold a button for a set amount of time for the action to take place. We will find out more in the coming weeks as they lead up till launch.


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