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access_time September 7, 2012 at 2:32 PM in Culture by Sean Garmer

Gamestop To Start Trade-In Program for Classic Games

GameStop CEO J. Paul Raines talked about the new vintage games initiative in an interview with Joystiq

Raines says the plan to sell classic games online remains tentative, but it is in progress with GameStop’s “dotcom team.” Raines also said that while the company has a lot of “classic” products it would still have to rely on gamers to trade in their “vintage” games, consoles, controllers, and other accessories in order to create a large install base of product.

Raines says even though the older games as recent as the original Xbox and Game Boy Advance products have been removed from the retail stores they still have plenty of those games in stock. He also mentioned they may have NES and Dreamcast games as well but they don´t have many of the actual NES and Dreamcast systems to play the games. Gamestop is just trying to merchandise whatever they can and this is why they need trade-ins from gamers.

GameStop also owns a site called buymytronics.com. Raines called the site “an online marketplace for electronics, which gets a massive amount of old electronics sent to them. Buymytronics is an interesting destination for these products as well.”

Pricing on anything related to the classic games initiative have yet to be determined. GameStop will be looking at various online exchanges sites, like eBay, and talking to PowerUp Rewards members to get information on what they want to see in this initiative. Raines did reveal an interesting concept that Powerup Rewards members have already related to GameStop officials,

“they tell me, boy, it would be cool if you could have someone make new versions of old gear and old consoles, kind of a retro version of stuff. That’s an interesting one too.”

Consoles like the Retro Duo or even the Neo Geo X could end up as part of the deal, though Raines did not name specific products. Raines sort of hinted at more potential for new stock as well.

“We also have relationships with every major publisher in the world and console maker in the world, which we can talk to about what they have and what they can make.”

It seems Gamestop´s plan is to put the retro material on a specialized web store making it easy for GameStop customers to find, and then buy, things that GameStop has around but does not currently give marquee space to in stores.

“Sometimes what’s funny is if you put a pre-owned title in the store, a lot of customers may not really want it in a store,” But if you’re a collector of Call of Duty, and there’s an old Call of Duty original, Call of Duty 2, floating around, it has a lot of value for you. Right now, you don’t have an easy way to find it, because it might not be available on our website, but it might be in 300 stores out of our 4,600 in the US and you don’t have a way of finding it. So if we can put that collector’s type product on a really cool site that allows you to see what we have available and so forth, then we think it’s interesting. Raines said”

So, it seems like there might be a new place to get some store credit or possibly cash for some vintage games. We will have more information on this as it comes out.


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