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Next XBOX Already Being Delayed

by on September 6, 2012

For over a year now we have been hearing various rumors about the next generation XBOX console. That it won’t play used games, it’s a lot more powerful than the 360, it will have Kinect integrated into it, etc. Well now the XBOX 720, XBOX 8, Next XBOX, or whatever you want to call it is being possibly delayed before it has even been announced to the public yet. Yeah, what a joke.

Website SemiAccurate reports that the processor production wafers used in the next generation XBOX, dubbed the “Oban”, are having some complications during manufacturing. Only a fraction of the Oban wafers being made actually work while the rest are basically crap. Apparently SemiAccurate’s sources tell them that Microsoft is boosting production and trying to get these chips from multiple sources so as to meet a deadline of September 2013.

You can check out all the technical details about the “rumored” delay at SemiAccurate but basically the gist of it is is that if Microsoft doesn’t pump these chips out fast enough we will have to wait longer for a console we literally have no hard facts about yet.

Who’s tired of all these rumors? I for sure am and also don’t really buy into this one. Sure Microsoft could be producing parts for the next generation console but the September 2013 release date doesn’t seem likely. Microsoft hasn’t even acknowledged that the console exists yet and they would be smart to announce it at E3 next year and give us a 2014 release date. What do you all think?

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