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access_time September 6, 2012 at 11:33 AM in PC/Mac by Andrew Kent

[UPDATE] Guacamelee Not Going To Be PSN Exclusive?


I just received word from Graham Smith, the COO of Drinkbox Studios, about Guacamelee showing up in Steam’s registry. Apparently, Steam dun goofed up.

The truth is that we got approval from Steam before we signed on with Sony’s Pub Fund, and at that time Steam created that page for us. They did not make it private for some reason, and then recently someone found it, causing this speculation. Right now we are totally focused on making the game for PS3 and Vita.

There you have it dear readers. A simple mistake and here you were thinking that some drama was about to go down. For those of you late to the game you can check out the original story below.


DSOGaming reports that one of their users has found something interesting in the Steam registry. Apparently there is mention of Drinkbox Studio’s newest title: Guacamelee. Guacamelee, a “metroidvania” style game, is supposed to be exclusive for the PS3 but this registry seems to say otherwise. For those of you who don’t know what Guacamelee is all about, the game has you, a luchadore, set on a task to save El Presidente’s daughter from the evil clutches of the evil Charro Skepeton. You must explore levels, switch between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and even become a chicken to save El Presidente’s daughter. No release date for the game has been announced yet.

I have reached out to Drinkbox Studios for comment.

For those of you who are “pics or it didn’t happen”, we’ve got a screenshot for you below. (Click to enlarge)



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