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Kevin Butler: Vice President of Betrayal and Mario Kart?!

by on September 3, 2012

Poor Sony just can’t catch a break lately.  The Move thing didn’t work out for them, the Vita is flopping, and the company is losing billions.  Perhaps most tragically of all, it seems that the Vice President of Everything has left the company to work for a competitor.  That’s right Sony fans, Kevin Butler is now the Vice President of Wii.

Bridgestone Tires recently launched a promotion which rewards you for buying tires.  One of the rewards you can get for buying four tires is a Nintendo Wii.  Innocent enough right?  But take a look at the image used to show off the promotion…

That dashing gentleman on the left looks awfully familiar… Hey, can we get a close up on him?


That’s right, Kevin Butler, the Vice President of most divisions in Sony and a man who has mocked Nintendo, is now helping to promote the Wii and Mario Kart.  This is surely a scandal that will rock Sony to its very core.  Is he doing some research for the upcoming LittleBigPlanet Karting?  Is he still working for Sony as the Vice President of Espionage and Sabotage?  Or, has Kevin Butler simply left Sony for greener pastures?

I know it was you Kevin.  You broke my heart. You broke my heart.

UPDATE: here is a link to the video:


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