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The 5 & 1 Review | Wanderlust: Rebirth

Who, what, when, where, why and how. Six simple words every writer is taught to answer.

Unfortunately, when it comes to reviews, these points can sometimes become lost in translation. So, to help this out, I’ll be starting a new review column on the site you’ll see from time to time.

The games and products I’ll review here won’t be Triple-A titles; those I’ll still do normally. What you’ll see here will be accessories, indie titles or iOS games; things that need reviewed, but don’t require a full review.

Now that the introduction’s out of the way, let’s get started with the first review.

Wanderlust: Rebirth

What is the game:Wanderlust: Rebirth is a four-player action-RPG for the PC. The game lets players take control of one of four characters (Fighter, Cleric, Alchemist or Elementalist) as they progress through 10 chapters of the game. The game features an old style look, similar to what you’d see on the Super NES.

How does it work: After selecting one of three characters, the other three characters will be filled in either by friends, random online players or CPU, depending on what mode is selected. That’s right, you’ll always have four people in the party. No worrying about being a healing cleric with no offensive support, a warrior will always be by your side.

I really didn’t find much of a problem with AI-controlled partners. Granted, it’s always better to have humans, but they seem to be capable of destroying enemies pretty easily. I noticed a few times that they would get stuck on a barrel or tree, but that was few and far between.

As you can guess, each character has their own skill tree to use and level up, as well as stat points to level up for more health, spirit, etc. You can respect as you want as well. Also, don’t worry if you die. You can sometimes auto-revive if you have the right item needed, or you’ll just respawn outside of a battle if not with a bit of a penalty given to the points you earn at the end of the chapter that’s used to level up.

While the game may only be 10 chapters long, there is an Epic mode for every level to try and get through as well. The Epic levels are quite a bit more difficult than the original levels, but offer better loot. There’s also a decent number of equipment to find in the game, as well as plenty to make.

In addition, there’s also a 4v4 Arena mode that was added to the title to let players take each other on to see who the best team is.

Why should you care: The indie title is actually really well made considering its five year development cycle. Missions are fun, if a bit straight-forward, and destroying enemies with friends never gets old. Plus, to get the best items you’ll probably need to run Epic levels multiple times.

Who should buy it: Action-RPG fans on PC needing something to do, or friends that like action-RPGs but hate the MMO feel.

When should you get it: Right now. The game’s only $10, meaning it doesn’t cost much for a game that’s quite fun to play.

Where is it available: The easiest way to pick it up is through Steam or GamersGate. However, you can also purchase one to four keys on their website, where there’s also a free trial to try the first three chapters.


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