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access_time September 1, 2012 at 3:44 PM in News by John Speerbrecker

Primal Carnage Adds a Twist to Modern Death Matches

There has always been a small debate to which type of shooting game is more superior, 3rd person or 1st person.  Ok, we all know that first person shooters are great but the team at Lukewarm media has created an interesting scenario to see what would happen if we pitted both modes against each other. The end result is a humans versus dinosaurs winner take all death match called Primal Carnage.

Taking place in a alternate reality where humans and dinosaurs coexist, you get to play the part of either a human or a dinosaur in a fight to the death. You will get to choose one of ten different characters to achieve domination for your favorite species. Each character in the game has their own specialty that gives them an edge against others. Being strong against one type of enemy means that you will be weak against others. With that type of rock paper scissors balance, you will need to be able to play with a strong team in order to survive.

There are five maps available to prove your human/reptile worth. As Humans you will be given an arsenal of weapons, and as dinosaurs you will be able to hunt those pesky world-destroying humans. As an added bonus, those of you who preorder will be able to get an exclusive skin for your dinosaur seen here.

For those of you who want to get a chance to try out this amazing experiment, they are doing a public beta which you can sign up for here. The game is still currently under development and has no solid release date. but keep checking out the site for more information, but the price is set now for 14.99.


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