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access_time August 30, 2012 at 8:54 PM in News by John Speerbrecker

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero Info Revealed

Today, we were treated to the first exposition of the secretive Fox Engine from Hideo Kojimas Studio. In addition to speaking about the upcoming Metal Gear: Social Ops. Attendees were treated to a preview of the newest Metal Game. Ground Zero.

Stating that the engine is set up to run on current generation systems and current PC specs, we are treated with a spectacular demonstration of what is to come from Snake. the most astonishing part of this game is that it will be an open world environment that you will have to sneak around in order to accomplish your missions. In the demo we are treated to witnessing snake crawl around in a military base and take out some enemies. From there, he was able to call a helicopter to help move his operation. He is also able to call on people to bring a jeep to help him to move to different areas.

One of the most interesting points about the demo were inclusions of characters from the most recent game Peace Walker. This time they spoke about soldiers that would not be able to return home which closely resembles characteristics of the Peace Walker story.

Ground Zero is the official name of the tech demo. Needless to say, the title of the next Metal Gear game could end up being something completely different. It could possibly be something akin to Peace Walker 2.

There were also two screenshots released and expect more to come but we know this for certain.

A. Can work on current gen systems.

B. Also working on Next Generation systems.

C. We might hear more at the Tokyo Game Show.




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