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access_time August 29, 2012 at 9:26 AM in News by Josh Boykin

I Have No Objections to a Phoenix Wright HD Release on iOS

Capcom’s a big fan of release their classic DS titles on the iPad, and I’ll admit that they’ve done a good job with some of them in the past. I was a particularly big fan of the re-release of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, though I’m still on the fence about long chains of dialogue on tablet gaming. But I’ll have to get over that soon because there’s nothing but long chains of awesome dialogue in the Phoenix Wright series, and they’re gearing up to do an HD re-release of the trilogy.

Called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD, Capcom will episodically release each of the three games through the same app. It seems that the games will be direct ports of the DS originals with up-scaled graphics and refined touch controls, but it will also include an “Everyone Object” mode that allows players to email a “Take That,” “Objection!,” or “Hold it!” to family and friends. I look forward to receiving Phoenix Wright-style memes.

Tablet repacks of older games are a great way to keep gamers enjoying old favorites and revive franchises…so long as they’re at the right price point. There’s been a lot of discussion about Square Enix’s decision to price The World Ends With You at the $20 mark, and who knows how successful that will be, but I’m trusting pretty well that we won’t see that kind of decision made for Mr. Wright.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney HD will be available this Fall for free; the first two chapters of the original game will be free, while users can elect to purchase the other games individually.


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