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Xbox Fever (August 22nd)

JDL: Back from playing Xbox with that chick.

Chris: Took you long enough.

JDL: Yeah, she put up a fight.

Chris: A fight you say?

JDL: Yeah man, chicks love Marvel. And X-23. And Vergil.

Chris: I can see that. Want to cover some news?

JDL: Yeah man, sounds good!

Sex, Drugs And Xbox?

says: Mass Live

JDL: Actually, this story doesn’t involve sex.

Chris: Damn! Guess I’m going to have to switch over to Skinamax after this.

JDL: Gross. Anyhow, police arrested Robert A. Collins-Lapointe from Palmer, Massachusets for stealing an Xbox. An Xbox he stole in retaliation when a relative stole drugs from. The kind of drugs you’d find on Tyrone Biggums, if you know what I mean.

Chris: He means crack.

JDL: Thanks, Chris. The relative initially intended to buy some drugs from Collins-Lapointe, but since no one was home, he helped himself to some. Police later recovered the Xbox from Collins-Lapointe along with some psychedelic mushrooms, more crack (possibly with egg and cinnamon) and marijuana.

Chris: Weed is a serious thing, my man! Did you know I once sucked some feet for some weed?

JDL: You and Bob Saget both. Collins-Lapointe, 21, will be brought up on charges that include possession of crack cocaine, mushrooms, and receiving stolen property over $250.

First Rule Of Xbox Live Beta Is You Don’t Talk About Xbox Live Beta

says: PC Mag

JDL: Microsoft’s looking for volunteers to try out a new version of Xbox Live. Select volunteers will get an update via their Xbox 360 in the next few days, which will feature Internet Explorer for Xbox, recommendations and ratings, pinning, favorites, enhanced category search and more.

The last time Microsoft users got to test out an Xbox Live beta was last month. “The amount of interest … was so staggering that today we’re announcing a second open call for Xbox Live subscribers to test out the beta program,” Hryb says.

Users can register via live.com and accepted volunteers will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which means they can’t talk about the beta.

“Any participant who violates the NDA will be removed from this beta and all Xbox betas moving forward, and will not have access to Xbox Live until the end of this beta program period,” Hryb wrote. “Our NDA enforcement squad is really good at finding violators; so save us both the trouble and don’t test them. We also ask that you fill out a brief 5-minute survey at the end of the beta to let us know what you think.”

Hryb also urged users to sign up quickly because volunteers are selected quickly.

Chris: Wow, what else do you think this beta will include? Maybe it’ll have something like that jean selector we talked about last week.

JDL: Maybe it’ll have an app to help you make the perfect sandwich?

Chris: And it’ll pick a game or YouTube vid to go with that sandwich?!

JDL: One can hope.

NHL Demo Available Now

says: Examiner

JDL: If you like hockey and you’re an Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Gold subscriber, you can download a demo of NHL ’13 which includes four different game modes: Play Now, Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT), NHL Moments Live, and Free Skate.

Play Now lets players join in on a five-minute third period (with the first two periods already decided) between the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils. NHL Moments Live mode lets gamers re-live Game Five of the 2012 Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and Phoenix Coyotes.

Gamers can unlock three HUT Item Packs by completing tasks in the demo to use in the final version of the game.

Chris: Yo, my man! It says here you can earn HUT Packs by completing NHL Moments Live, winning a tournament in HUT mode, and inviting a friend to download the demo. Make sure you accept my invite, punk.

Get A Free Xbox 360

says: CNET

Chris: We’ve already got an Xbox 360, what do we care?

JDL: We care, because I need a new PC and a second Xbox couldn’t hurt/wouldn’t suck.

It’s that time of year again, college students buying new PCs will be eligible for a free Xbox console and this year, a $14.99 upgrade to Windows 8 along with it. If you buy a new PC for $699 or more through Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Best Buy, Newegg, or the Microsoft Store, you win. Of course, you’ll have to show proof that you’re a student, but if you’re pulling those all nighters, then get you’ll get your free Xbox and an offer to upgrade to Windows 8 for $14.99 in late October.

Chris: How long’s the deal good for?

JDL: It should be all good until September 8th. If you’ve already got an Xbox and need a PC, but a second Xbox doesn’t sound appealing to you, buy a new PC from Staples and get a $100 Visa prepaid card.

Chris: So that’s it? We’re done for this week?

JDL: Not quite yet. A friend of mine is biting the dust — that friend is Nintendo Power. I won’t spend a paragraph waxing nostalgia here, but I will admit that Nintendo Power was very important to me as a kid and getting my copy in the mail every month gave me something to look forward to. Before we go, this is for you Nintendo Power.


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    LOL, nice pic at the end there.

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