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access_time August 22, 2012 at 3:18 PM in Mobile by bobbyvenomous

New Peter Molyneux Game Pushed Back

Today was the day that the new game from famed game designer Peter Molyneux was supposed to be out for PC, iOS, & Android. Well in typical Peter Molyneux style the game has been pushed back to September. The “special” thing about Molyneux’s new game entitled Curiosity is that apparently the secrets of the universe are involved. Peter Molyneux classes Curiosity as an experiment rather than a game. In Curiosity you get a black cube in a white room that you can chip away at. Being a massive game, players from all over the world and on many platforms get to chip away at this cube. The person who chips the last piece of the cube will have the “Ultimate Prize” revealed to them, some thing on the scale of the answer to life.

Molyneux never one short of an ego, envisions gamers working together to reveal the contents of the box, but he knows some will want to get ahead. To answer this question he has included the ultimate DLC in the form of a $77,000 diamond pick ax that can help one get ahead. That is $77,000 real money dollars! Well the game did not come out today and I’m glad, it gives me more time to raise money for the DLC. Curiosity killed the cat, lets hope it does not do that to this game.

Check out the just released trailer for Curiosity:


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