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Buy or Sell: WWE ’13, Pokémon, Social Gaming

Welcome to another week of Buy or Sell. This week, we have Ryan Bates facing off against Josh Boykin. Let’s get right to it.

1. You’re completely satisfied with the announced WWE ’13 roster.

Ryan Bates: Buy – Yeah, I hear you guys out there. BWAAAAAAAAAAA WHERE R DE HARDY BOYZ OR DUDLEYS????? BWAAAAAA! Let’s face it: Combat sports games, like most sports games in general, are by the nature of themselves going to drop some people along the way. How many times have we looked at the Fight Night series and thought, well, why don’t they have Fighter X? In fact, that’s half the fun of the build-up to the release… who should have made it but didn’t, and who made it who shouldn’t.

WWE ’13 has a pretty healthy roster, if you ask me. I think they could have made some of the duplicates as DLC or unlockables, but for the most part it’s got a lot of representation from modern-day and Attitude wrestlers. Plus it has Brodus Clay who I’m all about right now, and the hottest chick to ever grace the wrestling ring, Stephanie McMahon. I give it the thumbs-up.

Josh Boykin: Buy – And it’s not that I’m particularly dissatisfied with the roster in any way…truth be told, I know almost nothing about wrestling and am not the one to ask about this. Try Ryan on for size; I’ll let him speak for the both of us.

2. You’d rather suck it up and purchase a game on its launch week than wait a few months for a discounted price.

Ryan Bates: Buy – It really depends on the game, but for the most part, I’m okay with waiting. Hey, it’s a tough economy, and I got payments to make. There are a few games where I’m a first-day buyer, but mostly I’m waiting for those price drops.

Josh Boykin: Buy –– But only in the sense that I enjoy the concept of supporting the industry by buying a game new. I’ve no issue with waiting a few weeks to play a game, and it’s nice to get it at a cheaper price, but if you see the queue of games sitting and waiting for me on my shelf, you’ll know that I’ve no issue with getting to a game late.

3. Of all the Pokemon games, you’d say the Gameboy (Red/Blue/Yellow) were the best.

Ryan Bates: Buy – I was never the hugest fan of the Pokemon series, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be the original series. It was new, original. America wasn’t really into monster collectors. They wanted action and they wanted it now. But Pokemon had enough elements of an RPG and that friggin’ adorable mascot Pikachu that it was hard to resist.

And let’s all admit, no matter how counter-culture you really wanted to be, Pokemon was fun, mainly through some good, solid RPG gameplay. It was a fun game, and never felt like “a kid’s game.” Yes, we were all deluged with Pokemon ohmigodeverything after that, but it doesn’t deter the fact that Red and Blue were great games.

Josh Boykin: Buy – Blasphemy, I know, but even though the original 151 are my favorite, I have to acknowledge that there are tons of concepts and advances the games made afterwards.The movement of time in Silver/Gold, special breeding techniques in Ruby/Sapphire, multi-Pokemon battles, internet trading and battling in Black and White…even though they got the concept right in the first one, I just can’t sign on and say it’s “the best.”

4. Admit it, you’ve purposely team-killed during a multiplayer first-person shooter just to be a jerk.

Ryan Bates: Buy – Admit it? I’m proud of it. Some people don’t know how to behave online. So they get popped. Rules of the street, kid.

Josh Boykin: Buy – I’m one of those guys who is pretty much always a team player…except when I’m playing Rainbow Six: Vegas with some buddies and we’re just messing around….ok, nevermind. BUY.

5. If you had the money, you’d own an arcade cabinet of either Pac-Man or Street Fighter II.

Ryan Bates: Buy – For sure. Either of those, or The Simpsons arcade game. Maybe a House of the Dead. But yeah. Give me some money and I’ll go prove this option, Ramon.

Josh Boykin: Buy – Except it’d be Super Street Fighter II. I wouldn’t mind Turbo, but I’d prefer the original. The amount of time I logged on that game for the Super Nintendo is unreal, but there’s nothing like standing there, a couple inches away from the guy whose ass you’re kicking…too sweet.

6. Social gaming is appealing to you.

Ryan Bates: Sell – “OMG RYAN U R NUTZZ IT IZ TEH WAVE O TEH FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!11111111”

Fine. Make me some good games then.

I do some social games, don’t get me wrong. But they’re mostly trivia games and casino games or puzzles. I love Facebook’s “You Don’t Know Jack” and “Songpop.” But let’s call these games what they really are… they’re time-killers. That’s about it. I can’t take them seriously just yet. I need depth, I need plot. I need to invest time, effort, and caring into these games. I can’t with the current games out there.

Josh Boykin: Buy – I think it’s the natural evolution of gaming that we find more ways to interact with each other, even across long distances via gaming. Sure, Farmville, CItyville, and all those other “Hey, send me requests and I’ll send you requests” games don’t really do anything for me, but I think there’s a social aspect to casual games like Words with Friends or Jewels with Buddies (which I love) when you’re playing a friend that makes those games a lot more fun to play than they would be against a computer opponent or random people.


  • Ramon Aranda August 22, 2012 at 11:02 PM

    I seriously thought about buying a Street Fighter II arcade cabinet in the early 90s..then the Super Nintendo got the game and I took the bait.

  • MKFAN August 27, 2012 at 2:22 PM

    If I had money to buy an arcade cabinet, or cabinets, they would be: Wrestlefest, WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game, Killer Instinct, MKII, Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

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