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access_time August 18, 2012 at 6:00 PM in Nintendo by John Speerbrecker

Last Story Publisher Touts Strength of Core Gamers

The Wii is now in its Twilight year and the amount of high quality new releases are becoming scarce. For those who still have hope for the six year old system, it is one of the gasping breaths of hope that XSEED is planning to capitalize on.

After painful months of waiting The Last Story is now available. Directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi (just some guy who created Final Fantasy) and Nobuo Uematsu as the composer, the game takes the JRPG genre into a much needed new direction. Ken Barry of XSEED said,”Knowing that Sakaguchi-san and Uematsu-san were both involved made it such a special project that we still would have wanted to publish it even if it was a direct sequel to E.T. from the Atari 2600.”  That means that these guys know what they are doing.

Although some feel that many of the core gamers are moving away from the Wii, those who have their consoles locked up in their closets might just bring them out to try out this latest entry.

He continues, “We definitely feel that the core gamers that play RPGs are the most likely to follow the best games regardless of the system, so hopefully that will hold true for The Last Story’s release on Wii,” said Berry. “I know some people have started counting out the Wii already, but hopefully this release will show that there is still a lot of impressive things that hardware can do when the right game is running on it.”

The Last Story is now available and has recieved mixed reviews. It is one of those games that you have to open your mind to and when you let it in, you will find it quite enjoyable.  Se our review in the coming days.



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