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Quantum Conundrum DLC Drops for PC, XBLA and PSN

by on August 16, 2012

Square Enix has today dropped the first DLC, dubbed The Desmond Debacle, for Quantum Conundrum on all platforms.

The Desmond Debacle adds a few hours worth of new puzzles and can be picked up for $2.99 or 240 Microsoft Points. Gamers who already purchased the “Season Pass”, will get the puzzle pack at no extra charge.

In The Desmond Debacle, gamers will power up the Inter-Dimensional Shift Device for a brand-new adventure deep in an unexplored wing of the labyrinthine Quadwrangle Manor. Old friend Desmond, the drinking bird, offers up even more brain-twisting and complex puzzles for hours of inter-dimensional puzzle solving.

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