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access_time August 15, 2012 at 8:48 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Runescape Player Uses Gun To Steal Virtual Money

We all know what being obsessed with an MMORPG is like. You sit and play the game for hours upon hours, leveling up and grinding for items/gold. Some people though take the easy way out and use bots or auto grinding methods to get their way. Then there are those who point a fake gun at other players for cold hard digital cash. That’s exactly what a 19 year old college student from Massachusetts did.

It all started as a normal transaction, the student, Humza Bajwa, wanted some Runescape in game currency and was going to do a trade with another student, Jonathan Dokler. Bajwa wanted a face-to-face meeting so Dokler sent on of his pals, David Emani, to do the transaction. Dokler was asking for over $3,000 USD for around 5 billion in Runescape currency. Bajwa did not have the money so he made some funny money. At their first meeting Emani caught of glimpse of the money and immediately became suspicious. Bajwa may have noticed this and asked that the meeting be moved to the next day. Dokler, despite Emani’s suspicions, still wanted to go through with the transaction.

The next meeting Emani took a $100 bill with him to compare with the fake money. “I took it out and said, ‘The money you have is fake” Emani told the New York Post. Things quickly turned sour as Bajwa pulled out what looked to Emani like a real gun. Bajwa told Emani to call Dokler and say that the transaction was complete. Emani complied and Dokler transferred the virtual money over to Bajwa’s Runescape account. Bajwa then immediately left the scene, leaving Emani unharmed.

Not soon after Bajwa was arrested due to his scene being caught on camera. He was indicted on charges of second-degree robbery and grand larceny with a bail of $20,000. Bajwa faces 15 years of prison if he is convicted of these charges.


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