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access_time August 13, 2012 at 9:33 PM in News by Ryan Bates

Sonic And Pals Race Onto Wii U

Once upon a time, the video game map was divided between two nations: the nation of Nintendo, ruled by Mario, and the nation of Sega, ruled by Sonic. And never the twain should meet. Though some may have had both families of systems, most either clung tightly to their NES, Super NES, and so forth, or ventured out and made shelter with the Sega, Genesis, and Saturn.

But people change, and alliances change. Even Mario and Donkey Kong once hated each other. Now Mario and Sonic hold a peaceful, if competitive alliance: they’ve shown up as competitors in each others’ games, including a stint at the London Olympics. And while Mario may have his own long-lasting kart series, Sonic is bringing his to the Wii U as well, along with others from the nation of Sega.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was announced at this year’s E3; today it was announced that it will be ported to the upcoming Wii U. Classic Sega games will be re-imagined as racetracks, and you as Sonic, or AiAi the monkey, or Joe Musashi, or one of many other classic Sega characters will race to the finish line for total racing supremacy.

Announced for the Wii U port were tracks based on Golden Axe and Sonic Generations. The Wii U port will also integrate unique aspects via the Gamepad that won’t be found on the XBox 360 or PS3 iterations of the game, including portability (no TV necessary) and alternate cameras – if you’re not satisfied with just hearing the disheartening screams of an attacked player, now you can see their faces twist in loser-like distortions on the Gamepad while still racing! For those like me who enjoy a little brag here and there (and everywhere), this is a great addition.

The upcoming months will see the release of several console karters, but like all the other games for the console, it seems that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, the only one slated for Wii U at this time, is garnering the most attention. For those of us who remember the days when Nintendo & Sega would never co-exist, the attention is deserved – right up there with the falling of the Berlin Wall, on a far smaller scale.


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